Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Very Proud Budgeting Moment

Things have been a little tight financially around here lately and may not let up for a while.  So I've had to learn how to be more frugal, separate wants from needs, and   ugh   make a grocery budget.  I have had a grocery budget all along, however, some cutting was necessary and now we're down to the bare minimum.  I've NEVER been good at this.  EVER!  But lately, I'm getting such a kick out of how inexpensively I can feed my family.  I do the shopping every 2 weeks and this week is grocery week.  I spent over an hour researching the sale ads via the internet, making a meal plan that is coordinated with sale items, etc.  This trip needed to be even less expensive if possible.  I withdrew from our account $40 less than my actual budget.  2 hours, 3 grocery stores, and $160 later---2 weeks worth of supplies sitting on my kitchen floor waiting to be put away.  YAY!!!   I do have one question though---why does strawberry jelly in a 32 oz jar cost $1 more than the grape???????


Ritsumei said...

I'd have to say, it costs more because it's actually EDIBLE! Remind me to give you some homemade jelly. WAY better. Easy & fun.

Wendy Williams said...

That's a deal!!!