Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It works!

I learned something this morning!  I'm up early and--surprise, surprise, I'm hungry!  I wanted something hot, but really didn't want to have to "do" anything.  (I know I'm hopeless, but who really WANTS to cook at 5:00 AM?)  I decided to finally try to scramble eggs in the microwave.  I never tried it before even though it's widely known such things are possible, I firmly believed they would taste blecky.  Well guess what?!  Not only does it work, they taste oddly just like scrambled eggs!  And it only took about 2 minutes in my particular microwave. 

And another thing I never believed but found out recently is actually true--Julia Child was absolutely right.  If you don't dry the meat, it won't brown properly.  So go buy some paper towels! 

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