Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stay on the Path

I have been studying this talk this week by Sister Wixom in this past conference.  When I am at work, I wear headphones and listen to the talks via the conference website at  It brings a little bit of perspective into my "cubicle jungle".  This talk I found an excellent reminder of the importance of righteous parenting. 

Sister Wixom states "if we do not teach our children, the world will".  That is so true and it does not take long either.  How many of us have met a toddler who parrots everything you say?  How many of us have tried something we don't normally wear or eat because someone we admire does it?  I know I have and more than once.  It is the same for our children.  We must teach them correct principles and be the best examples we can for them so they can identify Satan's pitfalls when they occur. 

I challenge anyone who reads my posts to also participate in the online study group I participate in.  I will include a link below.  And if you want to study on your own, do that too!  Our church website is an absolute endless source of reading/listening material. 

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