Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friends and Memories

I  have a friend (surprised?) , we'll call her Shorty since she really is rather short.  Shorty grew up in Wisconsin, but left to pursue her career. About 5 years ago, she moved back up here to live with her mom, who needed a caretaker.  Shorty and I became fast friends, however, I really never made much of an effort to get to know her mother.  Since Shorty was the primary caregiver, she planned most of our time together outside of  her home.  I never even thought twice about this.  Shorty's mother passed away a little over a year ago.  I attended the funeral and have had opportunity since then to learn quite a bit about Shorty's mother.  As I have learned, she was an absolutely remarkable woman.  One I would have been more than proud to know. 

On a related note, my brother passed away about 5 months ago. We did not have a close relationship as we have not lived as adults in the same town or even within 500 miles of each other.  Upon his death, I had opportunity to spend time with his closest friends and visit his home.  I was surprised to find many things out about him that, as his little sister, I would never have known unless I had had a relationship with him as an adult.

The point I guess I'm trying to make is that it is almost never a bad idea to put yourself out there.  To take a risk in getting to know someone or allowing someone to get to know you.  This is a mistake I have made in the past.  I am not good at making new friends and I have a hard time trusting new people.  What have I got to lose?  I have been hurt in the past by some I thought were friends.  Just like everyone else.  How many chances of a lifetime have passed me by because I was too closed off to allow someone to get to know me, or myself to get to know them?  This is a goal for myself I have been working on the past year or so, and it's working out well so far.  I have a close friend or maybe even 2 (which is quite a big deal for me).  Do I say things that are inappropriate?  Yep, absolutely!  Do I ever stick my foot in my mouth?  Yep, absolutely!  Do they?  Yep, absolutely!  Do we talk about it and move on?  YES!!  And the friendship is always better for it. 

Just some thoughts I've been having today.

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