Monday, October 25, 2010

Cats and other animals.

We have cats in our home.  3 of them.  I have not historically been a "pet person" or "animal lover", but my husband owned a cat when I married him so I suppose I had to deal with it :):)  As a child, I was like other children in wanting a kitten or a puppy, but didn't really spend alot of time with any pets that our family had and I have been afraid of dogs in particular for as long as I can remember and for good reason. 

In the last couple of years, however, I have become very close with a lady (we'll call her gorgeous, just for fun, but she actually is gorgeous!)  who owns 2 big dogs.  Tucker-a Lab/Australian Shepherd mix,  and Jackson-a St Bernard.  
Now I realized early on that if I wanted to be good friends with "Gorgeous", I was at least going to have to learn how to be around these dogs.  Don't they look horribly scary and threatening?  I think they do!  I first met Jackson when he was 10 weeks old and not puppy sized per se, but St Bernard puppy sized.  We made fast friends and now he is my best buddy.  I look forward to my visits to the home of Gorgeous and her outdoorsy husband and love to see the dogs come running out of the house at full gallop to say hello to their buddy Wendy.  YAY! 

Now what does this have to do with cats you may ask?  Well, I had never been "friends" with any of the 3 cats in my home until lately since I made friends with Jackson and Tucker and realized that Hey!  pets are people too ya know!  And since then, I've had much more fun with the kitties and I think they like me better too!  However, I still HATE that my husband tries to squish with me on my side of  the bed so as not to disturb the cats that have camped out on his side.  UGH!  But aren't they just the most precious kitties you've ever seen?  Well, top 5 anyways? 

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Ritsumei said...

mmmm.... puddy-kitties! Our kitty died about a year ago & we haven't got any new ones because Monkey's alergic. Pictures of adorable kitties like yours always make me wistful. We are, however, discussing a husky-dog. That'd be nice!