Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Have you ever had more than one big project going on in your life at the same time?  And all of them come to a "climax" so to speak at the same time?  That's what has been happening with me the last week or so.  I"m a working mom, a billing clerk, and have been given the wonderful opportunity to work on a very big, very important, very high profile project at the business where I work.  Not only that, I am the only person "on the floor" that is participating.  Others are IT people and manager types.  I am able to participate in executive decisions, explain processes on the floor and many other opportunities with middle to upper management types.  This week is the last week of the project before it is moved to production and I am feeling the stress!  It is a wonderful career boost to be the only one on the floor involved, but, if mistakes are made or something is missed, there's no one to share the blame!  This could be wonderful or disastrous!  Stay tuned! 
The other project I have is one at home of major "dejunking".  My husband and I have a very American blended family and throughout the 6 year period of our marriage, we have had any and every combination imaginable between 1-4 children living in our home.  It's a wonderful experience!  However, it does lean to the accumulation of much furniture which is now no longer needed.  We're beginning to try to minimize somewhat so that we have a little more breathing room so to speak.  It's kind of like when you move and you realize you have about twice as much stuff as you thought you had.  :)  Wish us luck!  And if you're in the market for used furniture, give me a call!


Ritsumei said...

Congrats - and good luck - on the project! That's exciting!

Got any nice bookshelves that you're parting with? We're always in the market for more of those...

Wendy Williams said...

Thanks Dori! We just might have some shelves, but it's too soon to tell. I'll be sure to let you know. There's definitely lots of stuff that's going!