Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I was "tagged" in a fun game over at Mormon Hermit Mom's blog to answer some questions and tag other blogs.  I don't have too many bloggy friends yet, so I won't be tagging others, but here are my answers.  Soooo here are my questions:

If money were not a problem, where in the world would you most like to go?  
If money were not an issue and I could go anywhere, I think Alaska would be first on the list.  I've always wanted to visit there for some reason, however, Alaska would be closely followed by a tour of Europe and a visit to all 50 states (or the remaining 49).

What's in your pocket?


Who was your favorite teacher?

Mrs. Duck--1st grade teacher.  She taught me to read, how to tell the difference between b's and d's, 3's and e's.  Also, as I was a 12 year student at the school I attended in Bartlett, TN she had several opportunities to see me after the 1st grade and always recognized me.  Even from across a room!  That always made me feel special.

You walk out your door, go to the corner, turn left, walk two blocks and turn right. What are you standing in front of?

2 taverns--we live in a very exciting neighborhood, not unlike many others in Central Wisconsin.  LOL

What was the first word you said when you woke this morning/afternoon/evening?

  "I"  closely followed by "don't want to go to work today".  

Now,  if you have the chance, it's well worth the time to visit Mormon Hermit Mom's blog.  She's crazy hilarious!!!!!

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