Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just thinking I guess

Lately I've been studying in the book of Revelations, so I guess that's where my thoughts are.  I'm surprised as I go throughout my other scriptural or lesson adventures how many things in the book of Revelations are other places in the scriptures as well.  I have been trying to test the quote from Joseph Smith stating that the Book of Revelations is plain.  I have discovered that is true, and it is also very beautifully written.  You only have to open your mind in the right way.  Just like when you're looking at those "hidden picture" things or studying Bruce R McConkie's teachings.  Sorry Elder McConkie, sometimes you can be confusing, but again--incredibly beautiful if your mind is open in the right way. 

I challenge anyone reading my comments to do the same thing with their scripture study.  I have really been touched and amazed at the awesome power of our Heavenly Father and the care and intricacy of the scriptures and gospel teachings. 

I also saw this video on another blog and wanted to share.  It touched my heart.

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