Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Am I that naive???

I'm not even sure where to begin this story, so.....

When I receive a calling, I trust that this is what The Lord would have me do.  Even if it is something I would not have chosen for myself.  I've not yet turned down a calling and I'm not entirely sure I would unless I had so many extenuating circumstances that I knew the Bishop wasn't aware of.  I don't view it as trusting the Bishop or Branch President.  I view it as trusting my Heavenly Father.  He knows what is going on with me.  He knows what I can do.  He knows what I have to offer and can even cross reference that with what someone else is in need of.  I feel that if there is a calling that I am either not qualified or not meant, for whatever reason, to have; I will not have it.  So there.  Agree with  me or don't.  I will still feel that way. 

Now I have come across some information that would indicate strongly that not everyone feels that way.  Some even go so far as to voice these opinions in public forum when they disagree with a decision the Bishop or Branch President has made.  So I would just like to say that I believe (very strongly in fact) that only the Bishop or Branch President has the keys and stewardship over the ward or branch.  When a change is to be made, Heavenly Father notifies those with stewardship over that auxiliary, or area, or whatever the politically correct term to use here is. 

Isn't that how it works?  Am I that much of a goody goody that I have innocently believed all of the inspiration/revelation talk I've been hearing my whole life to believe it actually works that way?  All I know is this:  Every calling I've had has enriched me in some way, shape or form.  Even being called to Young Women, which I thought would never happen.  So if I am naive, I would like to stay that way.  Sometimes ignorance is pure bliss. 

DISCLAIMER:  This post is not in any way, shape, or form pointed or directed at anyone in my branch, ward, or stake.  It is from something I encountered in a totally non related activity.  Just wanted to say that.

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Anne Chovies said...

I think you're on the right track, believing in the inspiration of callings. I also feel callings should not be turned down. At the same time I have to admit there are some callings that I've always been mortally afraid of - I think they'd be really hard. Fortunately I have yet to get one of those. I believe our committment to give all that we have to the building of the Lord's kingdom includes accepting the callings that come to us.