Monday, January 9, 2012

Kinda funny.

We have two vehicles in our family that we love dearly.
We have the "g" van
And a little  blue isuzu pickup--this is a google picture as I don't have one of our actual truck, but add a little more rust and a little less paint, and it's the same.

Saturday on my way to errands in the van (Tom had been driving it all week to work as it gets better gas mileage and I had missed my g van) I went to McDonald's.  I put the window down and guess what---it wouldn't go back up.  This is a problem because, well, I do live in Wisconsin and it is January.  Luckily, we've had 40 degree weather and no rain or snow the last few days and the van is getting repaired tomorrow.  YAY!!!

Today, I drove the truck home from work.  When I stopped in the driveway, as I was turning off the truck with my foot on the brake, my foot went straight to the floor.  I got out of the truck and saw a lovely pile of goo by the front driver side tire.  Broken brake line.  Isn't it wonderful that happened as I stopped in my driveway???  I think it may be the most  fabulous thing ever.  What a blessing!  It will be repaired before the week is out hopefully.

Our family has always had vehicle trouble.  Always.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of vehicle trouble--all. the. time.  Thanks in large part to the kindness of others in giving and/or selling us dependable vehicles, we've been enjoying almost a year without a major repair or junked out vehicle.  I cannot express to you the joy and exultation this fact provides me on a daily basis.   It is a blessing to get into your vehicle and not be afraid you may not make it to your destination.  I'm grateful to know this and to have seen both sides.    

Also grateful these are easy repairs and that we have the funds on hand to pay for them and the ability to have them completed pretty much immediately.  Still a wonderful blessing and reminder for me. 

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mormonhermitmom said...

Oh yeah, I hear ya! I'm grateful I have a hubby that isn't afraid to try to fix things and he often has. It's only when fancy/big/way too expensive tools are needed that we take broken stuff to someone else to fix.