Monday, January 30, 2012

Nony the slob has written a new ebook!

I am lucky enough to be an affiliate for Nony the slob's new ebook.  It is called 28 Days to Hope for your Home.  I'm not sure if you follow her blog, but she is a great example to me and I am sure that we are in fact kindred spirits!  How could we not be when the stories she tells of her struggles with housekeeping feel like they are from my own life?

There is a picture on my sidebar with a link underneath leading to a site where you can purchase the ebook for $4.00 in the month of February.  After that, the price is $7.99, so I would buy in February!

She has been a wonderful example to me and her advice and stories are very real and her down to earth writing style is very refreshing and easy to read and understand.

DISCLAIMER---if you press the link on my sidebar and purchase the ebook, I get paid for being a referring site.

Just couldn't resist the opportunity to share something that has helped me.  Tomorrow, back to our regularly scheduled silliness and confusion!!

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