Monday, October 10, 2011

A troubling day

This morning I found out that a good friend of my son Jacob's committed suicide last night.  My son Jacob is 17 and lives with his grandparents in Hernando, MS.  He has had somewhat of a troubled life and things are FINALLY starting to look up for him.  He has been able to maintain long term close friendships and is going to school and seems to be doing well.

I am sorry for Jacob's loss and the loss of the family of this young man.  I had met this friend once and he seemed like a very regular young man.  Fun loving and mischievous; like  boys that age should be.  He was a good friend to Jacob at a time when he very much needed to know that such friends existed.

Just to let everyone know how shallow and horrible I really am---I'm so sorry for this family and their loss and cannot imagine what they must be going through.  They will be in my thoughts and prayers for some time.  But at the same time, I am grateful my son was not one of the friends that was there when this event occurred.  The only reason he wasn't is because of a broken tail light and not being allowed to drive after dark.  Just the thought of Jacob having to try to deal with witnessing something as horrible as a suicide on top of everything he has already been through is almost unbearable.  I am so grateful Heavenly Father is watching out for my (His)  child when I cannot.  And I pray He will support and comfort the family of  this young man during such a difficult and heartbreaking time.

Young people today are in enemy territory and Satan is pulling out all the stops to keep them from living up to their potential.  I just have to wonder what is happening in the world that so many young people find no desire to grow up, grow old and live.  It is a sad thing  that anyone would feel such despair and my heart breaks for all who do. 

My earnest prayers are with the family and loved ones of this young man and I hope that they are able to find some comfort. 

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Jo said...

I am sorry to hear of this sad news. Yes, this is a very difficult time for people to be living, when satan's work is so rampant and successful. I worry for my two young children also. But I did hear a comment made in General Conference recently that said there were many of us righteous and valiant spirits saved to come in this last day so we could combat satan's work and defeat him. That made me feel better.