Friday, October 21, 2011

New Exercise Routine

Okay so I've written a little about my new fascination with exercise and attempting to make my body a little stronger.  I've been swimming and treadmilling and some other things as well about once or twice a week and have absolutely been loving the results.  I'm stronger and feel better and can now change clothes in a women's locker room in front of the other women (that could be a plus AND a minus).

I usually work out at the workout room and pool located in the dungeon regions of my work because it is free.  However, since I'm on vacation this week, one of my awesome friends has been inviting me to go to her gym and workout with her during the day on a free 10 day guest pass.  I've been 3 times already, am going again today and am loving it!  I am loving feeling my muscles, feeling that much stronger, and am really starting to love my body (or how I envision it will look after a kabillion more workouts).

So, I've made the life changing (ha ha) decision to bump up the workouts to 3-4 times per week.  With that being said, "feeling" your muscles is both good and bad.  Especially when they're screaming in protest like mine were after the first two workouts (I have been going for about an hour, rather than my usual half hour). After doing a little research to determine if these were normal aches and pains or if I had injured myself,  I bought stock in the following company and have been pushing through.  So excited!