Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Am I being too judgy??? Me????

I work with several ladies and one young man (I say young man, he's 28ish).  Most of the ladies are grandma types who have worked at this same company for 30-40 years.  That's right folks, I said 30-40 years.  That's quite a while.  As such tenured employees, they've seen the onset of computers, several mainframe operating systems, etc etc etc. 

Recently, as an "apple polishing" technique, I presented an idea to our supervisor to turn one of the tasks our unit processes into an entirely paperless process.  Before the analysts were writing out the check requests and there was alot of paper going back and forth--write it out and put it here, supervisor approves and puts it here, analysts requests and puts it here, etc.  I took that same process and put it online.  I spent days, literally days, creating a form that was pleasing to every one and every circumstance I could think of.

Now, hurrah!  my idea has been implemented.  As you can imagine, the more tenured employees are having difficulty with the procedures.  It seems to be so confusing to them and I have spent the last few days puzzled as to how it could possibly be so confusing.  "They're just being rude because they don't want to do it."  "UGH"  "They're not even trying--how could they NOT get this"  These were just some of the thoughts that were going through my head as I explained for the umpteenth time how to save a document and give it a different name.

Then something occurred to me.  Maybe I was the one being rude.  While I am starting  to feel a little older, some of these ladies have been in the work force since I was an infant.  Way before computers and saving documents and different versions of word, excel, and other programs.  Maybe they DON'T know how to open a document in one location, give it a new name, and save it in another location.  They only know how to do what they've been doing.  And when I really think about it,  new things are often confusing for me too.  Especially when it involves something I'm not that comfortable with in the first place. 

WOW--you mean it's not about me???  How odd would that be?  I'm just glad I came up with this attitude adjustment on my own instead of having to have my kneecaps broken before I realize the problem.  :) 

And just an update--I talked with my son Jacob today (see previous post) and he is feeling better and seems to be okay.  Another prayer answered.  I love how that works!

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Chelsea said...

It can be so frustrating when you are trying to teach someone something new. Good for you for putting yourself in their place and adjusting your view. Not many people would take the time to do that.