Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preparing for Young Women in Excellence

I serve in the Young Women's Presidency in the branch I live in.  I am the second counselor.  This is my first time to serve in Young Women's and so far, I am loving it!

Tonight we were beginning to prepare for YW in Excellence, (if you're not sure what this is, you can go here) .  The girls were to bring the dresses they wanted to wear (this is typically a "dressy" event) so that we could make sure they were modest and did not need any alterations.  We asked that if any girls had more than one dress that they bring those as well as some of the girls did not have a dress that was for a dressy event.  For the standards of dress we are looking for these girls to dress by, you can go here).

A few girls brought extra dresses.  As we were looking through them for the girls to try on, it quickly became apparent that some of the dresses brought would need additional items to make them modest.  As I pondered, I wondered if the girls had dresses like this because that is how they are dressing for these school dances, etc. 

We made sure that the girls knew they had to have something to cover up on the night of the program and made plans to bring extra "cover ups" just in case. 

As I came home and got ready to settle in for the evening, I was still pondering how we as their leaders could most effectively portray the importance of dressing as a Young Woman of Value.  Who values herself and others. 

How can we show these young ladies their divine nature and value?  How do we get them to see who they are and who they can become?  How beautiful they are?  How much they are loved?  It is documented over and over that Satan is sneaky and will trick you one shade of grey at a time. 

I realize this is not a hanging offense, but it helps me realize the importance of our examples as their leaders.  And the importance of loving them, and letting them know we love them.  Not just letting them know, but showing them all of the time, every time we're together.  I guess I'm just going to have to keep on giving out those hugs  :) 

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Kage said...

I loved YW in Excellence! It is such a beautiful event to celebrate the YW. They are lucky to have you!