Thursday, November 17, 2011

What an evening!

Since I am pretty cheap when it comes to paying for movies, I consider it positively providential that one of my good "work friends" likes the same movies as I do and buys them immediately when they come out on video.  I spent the better part of this evening watching the following film for the first time:
Now I don't mind saying that I'm one of  those people who gets upset when movies aren't exactly true to the books.  With that being said, I think they did a good job with this one.  There was some dramatic license taken, and some of the things in the book that I really wanted to see on film weren't there, but I enjoyed it tremendously.  I was hooked from the first minute to the last even though I knew the story and how it would end.  And while yes, I am a HUGE Weasley fan, one of  the reasons I'm so happy with the movie is because they did justice to the character who was more complex and human and beautiful than the others.  (This is my opinion--you're free to have your own)

What a beautifully talented actor to be able to portray at least a part of what Snape must have gone through with almost nothing but facial expressions. 


Ritsumei said...

OK, so your comment about Snape makes me want to find my books and re-read them. I'd been so busy not liking him (it's so EASY to dislike the character!) that I had missed this idea of what he's going through. Hmmmm. Wonder where those books are?

Wendy Williams said...

I always liked him, not sure why. I just think his character is very complex and interesting to think about. Hope you see what I see when you re read!