Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Everyone likes to feel useful

Recently, I've been given an excellent opportunity at work.  I've been selected to work on a project to replace the billing mainframe.  I moved to the office location where the Business Analysts and Developers (programmers) are and am considered a part of "the team".  This means going from a work environment that is extremely production driven to a work environment that is extremely NOT production driven.

I'll be honest--I'm struggling to adjust.  I think the hubs might be enjoying it though.  Since I am feeling very not necessary at work right now, and am doing a lot of sitting and reading and composing scenarios to test, when I come home from work I can't wait to do things.  I've been running around, doing housework and helping him with things that he's doing, and just generally getting caught up on things. 

It's a little amusing how the atmosphere at work affects the atmosphere at home, and I'm surprised how my first "knee jerk" response to feeling un necessary was to over compensate at home.   Cute.

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