Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's not about the numbers---but it kind of is.

"It's not about the numbers".  In our branch, we've been hearing that alot lately.  You see, we are right on the verge of having a large enough attendance to merit a larger building.  Our building now is quite small, with a multipurpose room in place of a chapel and a baptismal font under the floor in the Primary room.  There's only one hallway, and still Jessica finds a way to hide from me! 

So, an architect has been retained, plans have been drawn up, and it really looks like this is going to happen sometime in the near future.  Our stake president sent an email to the members of the high council and the bishops in the other units in our stake letting them know today was a "bullet point" Sunday, (one in which attendance is sent to "the home office") and that if their lives permit, a road trip would not be a bad idea. 

I really had to have a talk with myself about this.  First of all, I'm weary of hearing "it's not about the numbers" cuz really it is.  We have to have a certain average attendance or the bigger meetinghouse will not be built until we do.  And I sort of felt like it was cheating a little for our Stake President to ask others in the stake to attend our branch on certain Sundays.  I felt like if it is time for our branch to grow, it will grow.  I ended my self pep talk the way I usually do whenever I doubt anything.  By reminding myself that I know our Stake President to be an inspired leader and if he felt impressed to make that request--then it is appropriate. 

Then I attended my Sacrament meeting this morning.  Not only was it a wonderful meeting, but we achieved our attendance goal.  And I was once again and as usual humbled in my doubt.  So many members brought someone.  Children, step children, neighbors, friends, inactive members came out to assist.  I knew pretty much every one of them and there is not one I would not love to see every single Sunday if not more.  It was lovely to see everyone and only added to the spirit of the meeting.  I realized what our leaders have meant all this time when they've been saying "it's not about the numbers".  It's about the people and the spirit they bring and the love that we feel for them.  Yes, we are a small group, and I for one have been secretly against alot of growth because I like the small group.  However, today taught me that when you know and love everyone in attendance, even a large group can feel like a small group. 

Very grateful for Heavenly Father's patience with me, and that he knows how to  teach me the things I need to learn. 

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