Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New You!

Well, not really a new me, same old me--but what's wrong with that?  I've had a wonderful holiday and hope that all out in the "bloggy world" did as well.  Now it's back to reality. 

In Relief Society yesterday, our Relief Society President presented the goals for our branch Relief Society for 2011.  They were more meaningful personal prayer (which I had already been working on) and Emergency Preparedness, both spiritual and temporal.  This prompted me to do some research and start thinking about preparedness for our family.  We've had some financial struggles of late, and I have been contemplating and making plans of how we can be better prepared for future times of trial.  I've discovered that even on a very skinny, starting to shred shoestring budget--I have been able to buy a little extra food each time and was able to skip a grocery trip in December in order to spend some money on Christmas gifts for our children.  What a blessing!  In many ways, this hardship has been a blessing to us.  I've learned, among other things, that when I thought I was doing my best before, there was so much more I could have been doing in the way of savings, food storage and supplies, etc.  This year promises to be one of preparation--at least for the Williams family.

Next Sunday I have to give a talk in Sacrament meeting on keeping the Sabbath day holy.  I've begun my research and have discovered some interesting quotes, which I'll post on later so stay tuned.

I'll end today with a wonderful, Christmas morning picture of 2 of our 4 children.  They're not necessarily the favorite two, or the prettiest two, or anything like that.  They're just the 2 that happened to be in the room when I had the camera out.  he he he  Aren't they fabulous though?

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