Monday, January 17, 2011

A word about discouragement

Today was a discouraging day at work.  I was having some communication issues in that no one could communicate with me.  It felt like everyone was speaking gibberish!  I was having a lot of trouble wading through the information and extracting what exactly the requestor was looking for.  In other words, it felt like everyone was speaking gibberish! 
When I arrived home, as usual, my husband and I asked each other "how are you today?" and I advised him I had a bleckity bleck bleck day and needed a hug, which he immediately offered and which even more immediately, made me feel better.  I scampered off and began doing my household chores, or whatever it actually is I do when I get home from work. 
I have in the past talked with other sisters and received email messages from sisters discussing times in their lives when they were discouraged.  I often wonder--how many times have I wanted to hug someone and not done it?  How many times was that someone going through a difficult time I was not aware of and a hug could have helped even if only for a minute? 
I hereby suggest we all give a hug when we feel prompted.  Who doesn't want to feel loved?  So they may think you're a wierdo, so what?  What if they in turn think you're fabulous?  Who doesn't want to be fabulous?
What would it hurt?  To hug each time we feel love? 
Challenge issued--who will accept?

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