Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Proper Error Etiquette

It has come to my attention rather abruptly lately that many in the working world may not be aware of  the proper etiquette when a co worker's error is discovered.

I will present a list of "do nots" below.

1- DO NOT start out your discovery conversation with the co worker who made the error by saying "I don't know what you were doing"
2-DO NOT have a group discussion with everyone else in the area detailing the events of the error and repeating over and over "I don't know what she was doing".  People that are not in your direct line of vision can hear what you're saying, particularly the lady 2 desks back about whom you are speaking.
3-DO NOT come to your co worker's desk (the one who made the error) repeatedly demanding an explanation of why the error was made.  (answer--because I'm a person and not a robot!  sometimes these things do happen. wait a minute--are you my supervisor?)
4-DO NOT walk away from conversation noted in #3 muttering about how it's 8 AM and your day is already so stressful you have a headache.  It's a mistake people!  Fix it and go on with your life!

Below is a short list of suggested "dos"

1--DO politely approach your co worker after she has taken her coat off and signed in to her computer and ask her if she has time to look at something with you
2--DO give her the information to view the work and allow her a moment to maybe discover her own error.
3--DO identify with your co worker and remember that you yourself make errors upon occasion, and it is not the end of the world as we know it
4--DO find something positive to say to your co worker because she is probably feeling silly over making such a careless error.

Life in a cubicle jungle would be much more relaxed and enjoyable if folks remembered these simple guidelines.  Thank you.  Have a nice day!

P.S.--I really do love my job :):) 

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