Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Intriguing Question

So--I was listening to a talk today via speeches.byu.edu , and I came across this talk on eternal marriage.  The speaker (El Ray Christiansen) states a theory that the difficulties or trails we face in this life are directly related to the degree of valiance we exhibited in our Pre Earth Life.  I have never heard this theory before, and found it an interesting thought process to explore.  Does a difficult Earth life mean you were a valiant servant in the Pre Existence, or were not?  Brother Christiansen didn't indicate those specifics.  I am wondering however, how this thought blends with the theory that each of us is given an equal allotment of trials based on our abilities or in other words, we are all given all that we can handle.  Do these statements both mean the same thing?  Am I entirely misunderstanding what Brother Christiansen was trying to say?  This dilemma has been on my mind all afternoon and I simply cannot decide .

Would love to read any comments you may have on the subject.

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