Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exercise is fun!

Exercise is fun!  Well, not really, but when you do it with one of your goodest friends, it comes pretty close.  I'm not sure if you would even call what  I do exercise, but it's tons better than the nothing I was doing before. I've  just been going once a week to the pool and swimming laps and doing some water exercises I come across on the internet and stuff.  It really helps my joints, which are quite painful this winter, and lets me spend some time with a friend.  I've noticed it also helps my mood.  Today, I was a little snippy when I came home from work.  But I went swimming anyways, had a good talk, a good workout, and came home all smiley and giddy and feeling much better about life in general.  I guess all those gym rats are right!  Below is a picture of  the pool I go to.  There's a lifeguard and everything!  WOW  SNAZZY!!

Hopefully, my life won't be so busy in the future and I will be able to go more than once a week.  But for now, it's just what I need!

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