Saturday, January 15, 2011

Disappointment--turned around

Today I was scheduled to go to the Minneapolis/St Paul Temple with a group from my branch.  The group had gradually whittled down during the week from 8 to 3 this morning, and when faced with the decision and unknown weather conditions, compounded by the fact that I may end up driving 2 sleeping people home from the temple (3.5 hour drive) in the snow in someone else's car--I made the executive decision for us to not go. This is the second month in a row our temple day has been cancelled due to weather and I am feeling it.  I love going to the temple!  And I miss it!  However, I'm not aware of any plans to dismantle any temples in the near future, so I'm pretty sure I'll have another opportunity just around the corner :)

The day did turn around when I went out to lunch with this friend:

 And then went and had a wonderful visit with this friend and her family--all of which is pictured here less one fabulous young man serving a mission in the Marshall Islands.  SHOUT OUT to Jake!!!

Don't they all look fabulous!  Some of my favorite people are in the pictures in this post!  But just to be fair, I do have lots of favorite people.

 The dogs are Tucker and Jackson.  They are my buddies.    And let's not forget

I think I just might be okay in spite of a minor disappointment this morning. :):):) 

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