Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A surprise recipe

This past weekend, a friend gave me some rutabagas that someone had given them from their garden.  I had tasted them before and knew that I pretty much liked them so I brought them home.  The internet said that you can boil them up and serve them just like mashed pertaters, soooooo I boiled and boiled and boiled and put them in a bowl and dumped some sour cream in to make the mashed pertaters as I suspected my very "i don't like spicy food" husband would object to the stronger taste. 

What the internet didn't tell me was that the texture and consistency is very different than a potato.  I ended up with something waaaayyy too saucy to be mashed pertaters, but it tasted pretty yummy, so I dumped it on our plates alongside some sour cream and onion chips and called it dip.

I thought it was fabulous!  I'm actually not supposed to eat sour cream as it makes me quite ill, but had only a few bites and so far, so good.  However, when I asked my husband if he liked it, he didn't even pretend--the answer was a resounding NO!  Oh well, guess I'm not adding rutabagas to the list of things to grow in the garden next year!

Picture courtesy of faqs.org
Those of you that know me well will not be surprised by this story <smile>.  Those of you who do not know me well, this story is a typical "Wendyism".  Stuff like this happens to me all the time. :)

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