Monday, July 25, 2011

A story about tithing

Just a few words about tithing and how my testimony of  this gospel principle was strengthened yet again today. 

I have always, always, always struggled with paying my tithing.  It just always seemed such a hardship before.  I'm not sure why.  I have searched and searched within myself to try and discover why this has always been such a hard principle for me (I tend to over analyze my own behaviors--it's a flaw--I'm working on it).  I have never been able to pinpoint what the issue is.

I was inactive in the church for a while and when I came back and re earned my temple recommend, I promised myself I would  never be without it again.  So--I pay tithing.  No matter what, because I never ever ever want to not be able to go to the temple. 

However, when you keep a commandment, you receive blessings.  So along the way, when I was just doing what I had to do to be able to go to the temple, I started gaining this testimony of tithing.  It's really amazing.  We struggle financially quite a bit at times and particularly the past year or two, and I just kept praying.  "I know I'm paying tithing, I know you'll make sure we have what we need."  And we always do, but almost never in the way I envision or think it will happen.  For instance, when we are short on gas money, someone we give a ride to will fill the tank up for us.  When I have committed to drive to the temple (a nearly $100 expense for the driver), another sister didn't want to do without a/c and volunteered to drive instead so instead of costing $100, the trip only cost me $20--my share of contribution for gas.  When we are short on grocery moneys, we have lots more leftovers than usual and are able to make the food we have last tons longer than it should have.  When we have a new medical debt, the administration reviews our account, and since it has been always in good standing with no payments missed, they agree to tack on the newly acquired debt to the end of our current payment plan instead of doubling our medical expense each month.

The list goes on and on.  Does a check appear in our mailbox or fall from the sky???  Never.  But nonetheless, our Heavenly Father makes double sure that we have everything we could possibly need and then some.  I wasn't even working on my testimony of tithing, I was just trying to retain my temple recommend, and here we are, with a wondrous gift that was once again never expected.

Heavenly Father Loves Me

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