Friday, July 1, 2011

Brightness Acuity Test

I went to the eye doctor yesterday.  Now, this is usually a tremendously traumatic event for both me and Dr. Scoresby because I have some "issues" with people and things be in and around or touching my face.  This year was much better as I was actually able to allow him to hold my eye open for one of the tests.  However, evidently there is something weird about my left eye.  So, since the specific test I need (brightness acuity test) must be done when your eyes are NOT dilated, and mine were dilated when he discovered I needed the test, I have to go back.  Now my eye feels all weird cuz I know there's something funny going on with it.  Your brain is a powerful organ!  Wish me luck!

Dr. Scoresby--he's not nearly as scary as he looks (ha ha) He's actually not scary at all and his voice is very soothing.

 Here's a diagram of the eye.  Did you know your eye is filled with a "gelatinous substance"?  Reminds me of the movie "Overboard" where she calls the caviar gelatinous muck.  Wonder if it's the same kind of stuff. 

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