Monday, August 22, 2011

The Lord works in mysterious ways

Just been thinking lately,  sometimes I dislike folks--at least think I dislike them.  And in those moments when I'm reflecting and pondering and asking for help from Heavenly Father in liking someone I find distasteful, He reminds me that I actually DO like them.  It's just that they've hurt my feelings or offended me in some way.  I will then at least try to forgive the offense or "choose not to be offended", and I am suddenly overwhelmed with empathy and understanding for that same person that just a few moments ago I was ready to strangle. 

Other times when I am disenchanted with the communication that is or isn't happening between my husband and myself, or some other family member, someone in my family will do something that is the most "perfectest" thing, or make me laugh, or be supportive about something I was worried about, or just be a little quieter that day and it helps me through the trials.

Interesting how when I feel I've hit my limit and something has to change, I have the presence of mind to at least say a prayer in my heart, and help is there.  Not always solving the problem, but helping me deal with it or forget about it for a few minutes and remember the positive things of life.

That's one of my favorite things about the prayers I say only in my heart of hearts.  Heavenly Father answers them, just like the ones I say "officially", but they mean so much more, because they tell me He is listening and He loves me.


Anne Chovies said...

Elder Bednar was right; the Lord is a God of tender mercies. And I like that song.

Wendy Williams said...

I know! I love that song too. My favorite part is "once you know the glass is half full, it overflows". That part always makes me smile--cuz it's true. PERSPECTIVE