Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I love about scripture reading

Have you ever noticed, no matter where you are reading in the scriptures, no matter what is going on in your life, there is something for you to identify with?  For instance, Read 2 Nephi 1.  Now this is Lehi speaking to his children before he dies.  However, if you read it with any situation or struggle on your mind, the advice still applies.  Plain and simple---keep the commandments, blessings follow--don't keep the commandments, life is sure to be extremely blecky.  We know that each commandment we follow has specific blessings if obeyed and specific consequences if disobeyed, but are we sure exactly what the blessings and/or consequences are?  Which blessings am I willing to give up for a moment's disobedience?  It's a risky game.

I've been praying for help recently on a struggle my family is experiencing, pleading for guidance on how to find my way through and I kept coming back to the same thoughts----keep doing your best and living as you should.  Then I read the 1st chapter of 2 Nephi and received the same advice.  It seems simple, but when you're mid adversity, "hang in there" isn't exactly the response everyone desires.  But it inevitably is the answer.  Just a few thoughts.  :) 

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