Saturday, October 22, 2016

I love being home

This last week, Tom (my husband), Toby (our dog), and I took a road trip to Hernando, MS to visit my parents.
I usually take this trip alone, but since Tom is retired now, he came along.
It was a really good visit and I absolutely loved having my two favorite fellas with me!
We cleaned out two garages, washed windows, cleaned off the patio, and generally prepped the homestead for winter.
My relationship with my parents is strained to my mind, and these trips are usually emotionally exhausting and traumatic.  While this visit was no different; I handled it much better than usual because I had the hubs with me for moral support.
I told him I'm never going without him again.  And I meant it!
The funny thing is that each time I go there, I can see myself living there.  Until I get home.  I also have a renewed sense of belonging and ambition when I arrive home.
It's the first time to get back in my bed.  The first walk in the door to familiar sounds and smells that are so familiar.  The first drive down the neighborhood streets.
Just like Dorothy says:  There's no place like home!


Running on empty said...

A lot of us can relate to needing a spouse there as a buffer. The other party often behaves better with one's spouse there.

Anne Chovies said...

Relationships with parents or sibs after you become an adult are funny things. Bittersweet, to my way of thinking, in some cases. Not necessarily always. But sometimes. But it's good that you going and keep the relationship alive. It's a good thing for you both.