Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hey! You're Awesome.

I've been concentrating on my health quite a bit lately and making some changes in my lifestyle.  For instance, I now exercise regularly.  For anyone that knows me well, that's most likely a surprise.
I also continue to learn more about nutrition and eating well.  This is a process for a fast food junkie like myself!
I'm learning alot about who I am and how I work as well.  As it turns out--I'm a planner.  I love planning on Sundays.  Laying out the week and looking at each day and fitting this or that in where I have the most time.
I love thinking about what's happening and scheduling my commitments in the way that most sets me up for success.  Love, love, love.

Additionally, this week I began a course in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  During the first 4 hour session I thought many times that my timing for taking this course is fantastic with all of the things I have been reviewing in trying to make my life and myself as good as I can possibly be.  I learned about changing my paradigm and have had opportunities to practice this at home and at work.  Guess what???  It's working!  I still have to stop and remind myself, but none the less.

I guess where I'm going with all of this is that I'm learning how I can like myself as I am and still be able to see the room for improvement without putting myself down and letting my self talk become negative.  This is a gigantic "non scale victory" for me!  There was a time when I didn't realize my self talk was my self talk.  I did not view things in the context of "I choose".  While introspection can be a dangerous and emotional process, I'm enjoying the outcomes.

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