Thursday, December 8, 2011

Perspective about a toxic situation

You may have heard me mention a couple of times (or 20) that I'm having somewhat of a difficult time adjusting to some changes in my assignment at work.  Earlier this week, I received some much needed perspective and Heavenly Father lovingly showed me how ungrateful I was being.

I have a history of abuse, and at least one of  the side effects of  this is not knowing for sure if I am being insecure, or if I am actually being mistreated.  Because of some wonderful friends and wonderful past counselor, my social skills and self esteem have reached heights many people (including myself) thought might never be possible. 

My previous assignment at work involved working with at least one person who is not a safe person for me.  My new assignment (thus far) does not include any such person.  Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to speak to the "unsafe" person on the telephone.  How quickly those old feelings came back to me.  And I instantly excused myself and went to my car to pray and thank Heavenly Father for removing me from that "toxic situation" so that I could continue to grow. 

What perspective!  I will continue to adjust, but all the while (now) remembering what a blessing and opportunity I have been given to be in a more supportive environment. 

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