Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yummy dinner!

Here is a photo of what we had for supper last night.

Oven baked quesadillas.  I got the idea from having dinner at a friend's home last weekend, and just kind of made up a recipe to try it.  It's super yummy!  I just made taco meat, put the cooked meat on half of the tortilla, added a ton or so of shredded cheese, and folded the lid over then baked for about 12 minutes at 350 degrees.  The baking made the tortilla crunchy and turned the cheese into melted gooey goodness.  I smeared sour cream all over the top eh "voila!"  It wasn't exactly the same as what I had at my friend's house, but super delicious nonetheless!

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Ritsumei said...

Mmmmm... yes, that stuff was yummy. Wish I could sample yours too. =]