Saturday, May 14, 2011

A day of rummaging

Here in Wisconsin, there is an entire culture surrounding yard sales.  I had never before I moved here noticed such an interest in the activity.  In our area, whole neighborhoods will indulge on the same day.  So weary shoppers such as The Williams family, can park at one end of the subdivision and walk their way through.  3 weeks ago--Rudolph, 2 weeks ago--Stratford, last week--Park Ridge, and today--Plover.  I am not really into this activity as much as my husband as I feel we have enough stuff already in our home.  I do occasionally look through if someone appears to have a lot of books or kitchenware, but would anyone like to wager a guess what my lovin' husband is looking for?????

That's right folks--trolls.  The weird, bingo lady, funny hair, funny nose dollies.  He has about 200 of them and shows no signs of slowing down.  <sigh>  At least it's cheaper than stock car racing!

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