Saturday, March 5, 2011

A day in Oshkosh

What a day we had today!  First, after waiting and waiting, Dad and I loaded Adam and Jessica into our "new to us" G van.  We call it the "G" van for a couple of reasons, one of which--it is green
Then we went to Oshkosh to go shopping at an antique store and an outlet mall.  It was a great day and we so enjoyed our new vehicle!  We stopped for lunch at a restaurant called Red Robin.  We had seen the commercials on T.V., but the only one of us who had ever eaten there was Jessica.  Evidently, she  goes there with what we call her "rich" family :):):):)

We totally enjoyed the company and eating out, which we really don't do that often, but found the restaurant to be too noisy to talk and while the food was good, we decided we probably won't eat there often as it is a little expensive for the quality.  Sorry Red Robin lovers. 

Then we came home and I went to an adult session of Stake Conference and was more than fed by The Spirit.  At first, I was a little bummed because I usually ride up to Wausau as a part of a larger group and this time I ended up driving by myself.  However, I enjoyed the quiet time both before and after.  It was a lovely evening.

Also, Jessica modeled her new jersey for me--finally!!  Doesn't she look great!  We got these jerseys free from a friend and we feel so special to have them so far from the team!!

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